Leah's Pet Sitting is a team of dedicated professionals, inspired to provide exceptional care for your pet family.  When you schedule your free introductory meeting, your pet sitter will come out to your home to meet your pets and learn about their care.  If in the future your pet sitter is not available, then you will have the opportunity to meet another pet sitter on our team.  

Meet Lisa:  ​I currently live in Sunset Canyon with my husband, Bob, two spoiled rotten ten year old chocolate lab brothers and nine hens. Together Bob and I have six children, all girls, and seven grandchildren. I grew up having dogs as pets, and when I had children the pet ownership grew to include cats, gerbils, hamsters, fish, birds, and guinea pigs. I am looking forward to taking care of your pets and spoiling them!

Meet Mike and Lily:  Mike retired from the Illinois State Police in 2005 after a 25 year career.  After working as a registered Nurse for six years, Lily retired from American Airllines after 20 years as a flight attendant.  Their love of all animals has given them experience in raising several canine, feline, and avian loved family members.  They now reside in Ledgestone with their two German Shepherds and two cats.  

Lisa Higgins
Lisa Haydt

Meet Beth:  Beth lives in Belterra and has been petsitting for several years.  More information on Beth coming soon.

Meet Alana:  Alana lives in Belterra with her husband, two children, and two dogs.  More information on Alana coming soon.

lily Callahan
Stephanie malcom

Meet Kristin:  Kristin works as teacher for the Austin School District and helps with Leah's Pet Sitting in her spare time. She lives in 

Dripping Springs near the Middle School. More on Kristin coming soon.

Jennifer Hardister

Meet Autumn and Danny:  ​We have been a part of Leah's Pet Sitting since Spring 2014.  I earned my degree in Human Services from the University of Connecticut, specializing in Combat Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  After working for the VA hospital for several years, I relocated with my husband, Danny, back home to Texas.  It was at my first Dripping Springs Founder's Day that I met Leah at her booth while in search of loving in-home pet care for my own dogs.  Because my dogs experience separation anxiety as well as storm anxiety, I truly understand the importance of wanting to be able to leave on a vacation and not have to worry about their physical or emotional welfare.  Being an avid dog lover, as well as having a background in helping people, I chose to put the two opportunities together and work with Leah.  Whether helping people or pets, I am happy knowing I am providing nurturing care in a truly heartfelt way.  Our pets are a part of our lives, but we are everything to our pets' lives!

Kasey alley

Meet Stephanie:  Stephanie has lived in Belterra for twelve years after relocating from Maryland. She is married to Matt and has three boys, ages from 19 to 12. And her other two boys, Otis (pitbull/lab/beagle mix) and Oliver (jack russell/dachshund mix). Stephanie has been a stay-at-home mom for 18 years and an active volunteer in the community. Alongside with working with Leah's Pet Sitting, she owns a wreath design company and works part time for her husband's accounting company. She enjoys spending time with all the animals and taking them for walks.

Meet Jennifer: My passion for a long time has been to care for animals. I have experience caring for lizards, snakes, ferrets, rabbits, chinchillas, cats, dogs, chickens, longhorns, and cannot forget peacocks! I enjoy animals big and small. I left working for a major corporation for some new perspective, and found pet sitting. I have two rescue dogs, Ziggy (Heeler/Border Collie Mix) and Gray (Mastiff/Pit Bull Mix.) I volunteer when I have time at Austin Pets Alive, and am a huge animal rescue advocate.


Meet Nancy:  ​Nancy lives in Belterra with her husband and pet family. More on Nancy coming soon. 


Meet Judy:  ​I was born and raised in Colorado with many wonderful dogs throughout my life. My husband and I, along with our three children, moved to Texas over ten years ago. At that time, I left a long career in healthcare and became a stay-at-home mom. Our oldest son is in college in Arizona, our middle daughter is in high school, and our youngest daughter is in the fifth grade. After using Leah's Pet Sitting services for our dogs, I decided to become a pet sitter myself. I could not have found a better job while still caring for our girls. The pets and their parents have been a joy to work with. My family and I live in Dripping Springs with Tucker, a rescued Red Heeler mix. 

Meet Wendy:  Born and raised in Montana, Wendy is married with four children and has had the privilege to be a busy stay at home mom for many years.  With her children older and more independent, she started petsitting in March of 2015 and it has been the perfect addition to her lifestyle.  She has always had a special affinity and love for all animals and couldn't be happier making new friends and loving on them while you're away.  She has a beautiful South African Boerboel and a small mixed breed rescue who rules the house!  She believes every animal is special and unique and having the opportunity to earn their trust and see their personality shine through is the best part of petsitting.

Wendy olsen

Meet Kasey:  ​I live in Belterra with my hubby and young children, Sidney and Benny. We refer to our dog Bradley, as their brother. I love animals and am passionate about health and wellness. Dog walking is great for the soul!

Meet Mary Beth:  I have loved animals all of my life.  Growing up, I had cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, and a pasture full of cows.  One of my favorite books as a child was All Things Great and Small by James Herriot.  I so wanted to be that country vet!  I passed my love and respect of animals on to my two sons.  Through the years, we have had hermit crabs, ferrets, mice, guinea pigs, and fish, plus a temporary corn snake visitor from a teacher.  We currently have three dogs:  a miniature Dachshund, a Black Mouth Cur, and an APBT/Staffie mix that has been trained and received his AKC Good Citizen certification.  We also have two dwarf Nigerian goats, seven hens, and two roosters.  Our dogs have medical issues ranging from diabetes which requires shots twice a day to epilepsy and allergies which require pills three times a day and once every other day, respectively.  I am comfortable giving pills, drops, and subcutaneous shots.  But, more than anything, I am VERY comfortable giving your pet my undivided attention and love in your absence!

Meet Kara:  ​My husband, Diggy, and I moved to Belterra in 2004. We have raised our children in Dripping Springs and have loved every minute. My son, Justin, is a freshman and plays baseball at Texas A&M-CC and my daughter, Leah, is a freshman at DSHS. I have been a L&D and Women's Health RN for 23 years. A couple of years ago my desire to spend more time with my kids and my husband's work schedule led me to Leah's Pet Sitting. I have never met a dog or cat I didn't love! I love everything about my regular dog walks. I also have 4 dogs of my own; Roscoe, Abby, Molly, and Jaxson, and one cat, Becky.


Meet Lisa:  ​I currently am teaching at Wayside School and help Leah summers and holidays.  I live in Dripping Springs with my husband, Curt, and my two children, Nicholas and Alexis. In addition we have a lab mix, Soco, a silky terrier, Bella, and a Siamese kitty, Sushi.  All are rescues and spoiled by us all!

     I grew up in California and received my M.A. degree in Education, teaching for 13 years before deciding to stay home with my children.  I am eternally grateful to have been raised by a dad who had a passion for animals that was passed on to me.

     I was delighted to join Leah's Pet Sitting and cherish my time with each pet!  With every visit I am able to love on, cherish, and diligently care for another's precious pet family.  I always reflect on how I would want my own pets to be treated, and put every effort into offering this same level of care when pet sitting.  Having a job that allows me to do something I am passionate about (animals) and look forward to each day is truly a blessing!

Leah Barth
Mike Callahan

Meet Sarah: Sarah lives in Belterra with her husband, children, and pet family. More information on Sarah coming soon.


Meet Leah, Founder of Leah's Pet Sitting:  I love my job!  With my passion for animals, pet sitting is the perfect job for me.  I live in Belterra with my wonderful husband, Tom, my teenagers, Alyssa (Gig 'em!) and Michael, and our dogs Shelby, Charlie, and Chip.

     I grew up in Pennsylvania near my uncle's farm, where my family raised basset hounds.  I graduated from Penn State with a teaching degree and taught elementary school until my daughter, Alyssa, was born.  In 2007 since we did not have any pets of our own at home, I started Leah's Pet Sitting so that I could get my animal fix.  My kids tell me that I have the best job in the whole world.  I actually get paid to do something I love!  I couldn't ask for more.

     I've found that pet sitting is a lot like teaching.  Pets respond well to positive reinforcement and can tell when you genuinely like to spend time with them.  I like to mimic how the owner interacts with their pet.  I use the same commands and discipline strategies that the owner shows me.  Consistency works!  I take copious notes on what the owner wants me to do while their pets are in my care.  I treat my pet clients as if they are my own children.

Mary laveau

Our Team

Meet Mary:  ​Mary moved to Belterra when she and her husband downsized.  They have a daughter who is 25 and lives in Houston and a son who is 22 and attends UT.  Mary loves animals, spending time outdoors exercising so pet sitting is a perfect fit!  Mary grew up with cats and dogs and has a mini labradoodle named Peanut and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Sydney.